Jeri-Lynn Johnson


Author of five books:

     The Kindness Handbook

      52 Nice Things to Say to Make Someone Happy

     What to Say When ...for Latter-day Saints, Jeri-Lynn Johnson and Amy Jones

     What to Say When...Appropriate Responses for Every Situation, Jeri-Lynn Johnson   and Amy Jones

     Your Temple Wedding: A guide to planning, preparing and celebrating your special day, Jeri & Amy Jones


Charitable Organizations:

Two years on the Women’s Board of United Cerebral Palsy in San Diego

A life member of the Beach and Country Guild of United Cerebral Palsy

Ten years as an active member of the Crippled Children’s Society in Pasadena

Fourteen years with Five Acres (a home for abused children in Pasadena)

Nine years with the National Charity League (Founding member of the San Diego Del Norte Chapter). Included volunteer service to convalescent homes, Children’s Hospital, public libraries, Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, etc.

Seven years as a volunteer at the Special Olympics




Member of the Legislative Action Committee in San Marino

Member of Wells Fargo Bank’s Urban Action Task Force

Wells Fargo Bank’s company coordinator for the tutorial component of the Voluntary Action Center in Los Angeles

Brownie and Girl Scout leader

Y.W.C.A. Girls Camp leader



PTA President of Carver Elementary School, San Marino (Awarded Best PTA in California that year)

PTA Council – Legislation Chairman

Parent Volunteer:  Room mother, curriculum lab volunteer, Library Chairman, Resource Center volunteer, art docent, field trip river, science fair volunteer, bike safety lane day volunteer, carnival worker, read aloud volunteer, all city track meet volunteer, parent chaperone for Boston and Washington D.C. trips, etc.



Five years as Relief Society President of the Del Mar Ward (longest serving president in Stake since formation in 1950’s)

Nine years teaching Primary

Spiritual Living teacher

Ward Activities Chairman

Road Show Director

Girls Camp leader

Served on the presidencies of Primary, Young Women & Relief Society


Service Awards:

Nominated as an Outstanding Young Woman of America

Received an honorary community service award from San Marino for outstanding service to the community

Gold Nugget Award for outstanding service to Carver Elementary School.


Matthew 6:1-4 says, “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them…”  If I believe this scripture (which I do) why did I include all my service for all to see?  I didn’t do it to brag about what I’ve done.  I did it to inspire you all to follow my footsteps and quit making excuses why you can’t serve others.  It is all about your priorities.  When you fail to serve others you are telling Heavenly Father that you really don’t care.  If you cared, you’d make time.  There is always time to do what you really want to do.  If you have small children, go to youngmothersservingothers  for ideas.  Remember, your family ALWAYS comes first.  After you have met their needs, look for ways you can serve others.


I do believe this scripture and I have lived by it.  Very few people have known what I’ve done.  I donate money anonymously.  I have had friends who want to know what they will get for their donation before they donate.  Will the list be published in the newspaper?  Will they get recognition in the program at the benefit? Will they get special seating?  Etc.  Don’t be like that.  If it is a good cause that you believe in and want to help, just give from your heart.  Give money or give time.  Both is needed.


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 The Kindness Handbook

 The Comfort Handbook

 A Simple LDS Wedding



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 Nobody Cares What This Old Geezer Thinks

 Young Mothers Serving Others

 Service Made Simple


"The Lord doesn’t expect us to work harder than we are able. He doesn’t (nor should we) compare our efforts to those of others. Our Heavenly Father asks only that we do the best we can—that we work according to our full capacity, however great or small that may be."

--Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Two Principles for Any Economy", Ensign, Nov 2009, 55–58